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14 September 2020
Parent's Guide to Triller

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Triller is the latest video sharing app on the market which is quickly increasing in popularity. A similar concept to TikTok, the platform boasts some of the music industry’s biggest stars as users, including Justin Bieber, Rita Ora and Eminem, and recently announced that it had amassed over 250 million downloads worldwide. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help parents and carers understand exactly what video sharing apps are all about. 

Like TikTok, Triller encourages users to create music videos and share them with the world. It’s designed more around the music and can provide hours of entertainment. But is it safe to use? What should parents be aware of? And what safety steps can you implement? Find out with this guide. 

Created by social media expert, Parven Kaur, this guide aims to give parents a starting point to help them understand exactly what they need to know about Triller.

To open the guide, please click here.

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