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18 June 2020
A Guide On How Not To Be a 'Screen Zombie'

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Despite the partial reopening of schools from the beginning of the month, there’s a good chance that many children’s device usage will have increased over lockdown. With the online world more accessible than ever and the ability to watch almost anything on-demand, it can be easy for children to check their phone, swipe their tablet or fire-up their games console during large parts of the day. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help increase children’s awareness around screen addiction.

It’s not easy to define how much screen time is too much screen time and the TV, games console, tablet and mobile phone can provide access to hours of entertainment. But it’s important for children to realise a healthy balance. Is it affecting their mood? Are they becoming distant? Help them understand with this guide.

Created by experienced research and content specialist, Pete Badh, this guide aims to give children a good starting point towards realising if they might be spending too much time in front of their device and certain signs they should look out for.

To download the guide, please click here.

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